How to Grow Ginger from Store-Bought Ginger in Containers

We already know what a great food ginger is for its health and flavour qualities, but unfortunately it’s always expensive to buy. Growing your own ginger that you can preserve or eat as you like is much more cost effective- especially if you buy some rhizomes from a shop and plant them yourself. Here, we

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How to Make Ginger Powder

When it’s time to harvest your fresh ginger, what do you do with it all? Sure, you eat some, and you keep some for planting next season, but then what? What do you do with the rest of it? Ginger is a valuable crop to grow at home because it commands a high price in

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How to Grow a Ton of Ginger

Ginger is one of the worlds most useful and beneficial foods. Fragrant, tasty, and with a multitude of health-promoting qualities, it’s no wonder that ginger is expensive to buy. But it’s crazy to pay supermarket prices when you can grow your own organic ginger for so much less. I’ve been growing ginger successfully for many

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4 Clever Uses for Ginger- and How to Grow it!

Ginger is a valuable ingredient in food and drinks the world over, not to mention expensive- yet it’s easy to grow at home from just one bulb. A little bit can go a long way, and we can add ginger to all sorts of drinks and food. And it has a ton of other uses!

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Thai Red Chilli Paste Frozen Cubes

My Thai Red Chilli Paste Frozen Cubes Recipe

My Thai Red Chilli Paste can be used as a flavour base for laksas, soups, curries, noodles, and to add some extra bite to stir-fries. This summer I had a bumper crop of chillies and they are still going strong even as winter approaches. An abundance of chillies is a good thing because they are

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Ginger rhizome in ground

Growing Ginger and Candied Ginger Recipe

Introduction Freshly harvested ginger from the garden is amazing! Even just removing the rhizome from the soil fills the nostrils with such beautiful fragrance it's almost impossible not to hold the ginger root close to the face for several seconds to appreciate this gift from nature. So often, it's the scent of food which subconsciously

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