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How to Plant & Grow Avocado Trees in Clay Soil

I've learnt the hard way when it comes to growing avocado trees. Scroll to the end of this article to watch the VBlog (video).  Initially, back in 2006 when I planted several avos in our orchard, I thought that a foot of topsoil would be enough to grow a healthy avocado tree. All our other

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How to Grow a Lot of Limes on Just One Tree – Organically

Lately, I have been sent several requests by viewers of my YouTube Channel to "transcribe" some of my more popular videos so they can be read (for various reasons, including those who have difficulty understanding spoken English). This article/transcription is on Five Tips on How to Grow a Ton of Limes – Organically and the

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What’s Wrong With My Lemon Tree The Fruit Tastes Awful?

The other day, I received an email from Nytasha asking me if I could help her find out what was wrong with her lemon tree… Basically, Nytasha was puzzled by how bad the fruit (produced by her "seemingly healthy" lemon tree) tasted and if I had any experience or thoughts as to what was causing the

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Best Places to Buy Plants & Seeds Online

Article updated on 9th November 2017 – Added additional retailer to list Most of us realise (and accept) the internet is changing our behaviour in many different ways and buying plants or seeds for the home garden is one them! I personally think the move towards online plants and seeds is a good change for

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Growing Grumichama Fruit Tree/Shrub Tips in Your Backyard

Growing conditions for the Grumichama Growing Grumichama plants (Eugenia Dombeyi) as a backyard fruit tree is certainly not something often talked about mainly because the Grumichama is not a very well known fruit tree. Actually, it's more like a large shrub and is often sold as a nice hedging plant (which also bears edible fruit

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Fruit Tree Diversity For Healthy Eating All Year Round

When I walk around the supermarket fruit aisles, all I see is ever increasing prices for a shrinking array of fresh produce. It seems like there is an attempt to groom ordinary consumers into creatures of habit buying certain premium product lines which are easy to manage with long shelf lives just to allow for

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