fire pit

Hanging Grill for BBQ Fire Pit – What to Buy & What I Got

Cooking over a flame grill BBQ on your very own homemade fire pit in the backyard for family and friends is something special indeed. Thankfully, these days there are lots of different grill plate options to choose from off the shelf for reasonable prices without having to weld your own purpose-built mechanical cooking monstrosity! When I was a

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Our Firepit Featured in NZ LIFE & Leisure Magazine

New Zealand based lifestyle magazine NZ Life & Leisure (In Your Backyard) has included our firepit design in their latest release!  Emma, the Magazine's Editor, contacted me several weeks ago requesting the use of our firepit design images and the steps to make it. Naturally, I had no problem sharing this information with such a top

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Build a Fire Pit & Bring Camping to Your Backyard!

Besides bringing that camping feeling to your backyard, having a fire pit can unleash many other positives. In this article, I want to chat in general terms about fire pits and what I like about them plus brush over a few points of consideration on cooking with wood fuelled fire. If you would like to know

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