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Rise of the Food Fermenters

Humans fermenting food to change/improve the taste, preserve it, or make it healthier is not a 1000 years old… it's more like 1000's of years old.  Indeed, over 2000 years ago Jesus would have eaten his fair share of olives. These delicious fruits would have been fermented in brine for several months to remove the

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Harvest Fiesta Fermentation Crock was worth the buy

I ended up buying a Harvest Fiesta 5L fermentation crock (also called a Decorative crock) but there are several good brands to choose from and this just happened to be my personal pick when I was searching at the time. I based my decision to buy this particular fermentation crock on where the product was actually manufactured,

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My First impressions: Pickle Pipe Silicone Fermentation Airlock

I've literally only had my Pickle Pipes for 3 days and they're working for me already by helping me lacto ferment some organic, heirloom, homegrown rainbow carrots. How these silicone fermentation airlocks perform over the next several weeks will determine whether I decide to purchase more Pickle Pipes or not. Fermenting rainbow carrots (image above)

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How To Make Hot Chilli Sauce Similar To Tabasco (Only Better)

Introduction I want to share two methods I use for making this hot chilli sauce similar to the famous Tabasco sauce and they are: the simple fast sauce method and (the much slower) fermentation sauce method. Any chilli is suitable for this sauce; however, a hot chilli works best. I use small Thai chillies which

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