Paul Howes Attack on Small Farming Businesses Labelled Pathetic by Me

Paul Howes, the Australian Workers Union National Secretary, trade union heavy weight, probable future leader of the Australian Labor Party (ALP), and therefore possibly a PM of Australia one day, in a recent interview has essentially rubbished small farming businesses as worthless and advised “Ma and Pa” farmers to give up and make way for

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huntsman-spider chicken

Chickens are smart and I can prove it!

Before I get into my little story, which proved to me beyond doubt how chickens can learn from a single experience and remember it for years, I would like to quickly outline some other observations and opinions I have about them. Also, at the end of this post are two videos: the first one is

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Organic Certification Too Ridged Says Judge

Do we need to question the relevance of organic certification? A court case in Western Australia where an organic farmer sued his GM neighbour farmer for contaminating his crop and subsequently losing his organic status has ended in favour of the GM grower. The contamination of the organic farm/crop was not in question and was

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