Chicken Electric Fence Walk Around [Podcast]

In this podcast, I go for a walk around our electric fence to inspect the perimeter and ensure our poultry are safe from predator attack.    We’ve had our electric fence for over 12 months now and it has proven to be a valuable and impenetrable barrier between the nasty outside world and our chickens.   I

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Go Jam Your Electricity One-Off Payment Up Ya Clacker Coalition Government!

In a spectacular admission of failed energy policy over the past 6 years, the Federal Coalition Government in Australia announced today a one-off cash payment in the upcoming budget to help people pay their skyrocketing electricity bills.  This "energy assistance payment" of $75 for singles and $125 for couples will go to pensioners, veterans, and

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Energex Meter Readers Under Increasing Pressure

3 days ago, on 18th February at 6 pm, I got a text message from Origin Energy our electricity provider/retailer notifying me that our meter would be read two days either side of 20th February. Simple mathematics shows that this message was at least 12 hours late, to begin with…   Anyway, the reason energy companies

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Politicians At Fault For Rising Electricity Prices In Australia

As Labor and Liberal Parties shadow-box between themselves like the worst fake WWE show imagined, Australia's energy woes are growing on steroids with prices for electricity doubling in just the past decade.  Australians now pay 4 times more than households in the USA for electricity. The rising cost of energy has reached a point where

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Gloomy powerlines reflect the greed of electricity companies

20 Solar Questions Answered

Introduction This article was edited in April 2015  In this post, I want to introduce the readers of SSM to a tennis mate of mine Brett Adams who is the Queensland State Manager of Green and Gold Solar, which is an Australian national solar installation company. Brett has been kind enough to answer a number of

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