Mechanical Plant Damage – Disease/Disorder Collection

Disease/Disorder Collection – Mechanical Plant Damage Name of Disorder: Mechanical plant damage by Humans. Scientific name of pathogen causing disease: Homo sapiens… plus incorrect use of mechanical tiller. Type of disorder: Physiological… joking. Physical damage mainly to root system. Cause: Poor work methods and incorrect planting. Host plant where example was found: Ligustrum undulatum “Lemon Lime

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Rotary Hoe Job Lage Area

Tiller Or Rotary Hoe What To Get And How To Use

Introduction (This article was reviewed in July 2012) Tiller the Season to be Growing Trul-a-lul-a-la blah blah blah blah… I know the title is drawing a long bow for a Christmas theme but I've never been a very orthodox person and I guess if you have been following my articles over the past 6 months you'll

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