Tzatziki with Cucumber – Greek Dip

This traditional Greek tzatziki dip is a classic! Just thinking about it transports me back to the holidays we had in the Greek islands. Tzatziki is very refreshing and this version is full of cucumber. Tzatziki dip is a natural accompaniment to Greek dishes like gyros and souvlaki. I like to use it instead of

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The Good Culture of Fermented Cucumber Pickles

Last October (2018) we were lucky enough to take a short family holiday to the USA and it was a pickled cucumber experience I had whilst in America that inspired me to write this post. Now, this article isn't going to be a history lesson on pickled cucumbers in America nor is it a "how-to"

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Why Are Some Big Cucumbers NOT Ok to eat?

Most cucumbers sold in the supermarket are small to medium size, even though they can grow much bigger, so why aren't more larger sized cucumbers sold? Is it because the flavour of the cucumber decreases as the fruit gets bigger? Burpless cucumber variety (image above) The truth is, yes, sometimes older and larger cucumbers can taste awful

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Cucumber vine and hanging fruit on black plastic trellis

How And Why To Grow Cucumbers

This article was revised on 14 December 16 (a video I created was added towards the end of the post below – this gives some extra information on growing cucumbers and also how to ferment/pickle them).  Cucumbers, the phallic melon which takes pride of place displayed proudly in the fresh food section in supermarkets around

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pickle on fork vegetable garden in background good 620

Mark’s Pickled Cucumber Recipe/s

  The famous pickle Cucumbers are the most famous of all pickles, so famous that if I asked, “would you like a pickle?” You would probably assume I was offering a pickled cucumber when in fact a pickle can mean many different foods – which have been pickled (like peppers). As I explained in our

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pumpkin in shed window curing with vegetable garden in background

Growing Heirloom Vegetables – What are they & Why?

Humans… we're funny creatures. We love new stuff and then we also love what's old. One of my favourite songs (by a German band) has the chorus: Destroy, improve, and re-build. For some reason, I love the freedom in the intent of the song and the premise conserving holds back creation. But then, another part

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