8 Things to Consider Before Building a Container Garden

Container gardening is not rocket science! All that you need are four simple things: containers, soil/growing medium, plants, and water (ok and maybe some plant food occasionally) so let's make it "five". That’s it! Basically, it is not too different from typical gardening, which you can do in a normal garden bed. Most veggies that

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Should I buy a Vertical Garden kit?

Lots of people would love to grow their own fresh vegetables but baulk at the idea because they simply don't have the space or desire to maintain a large garden bed. Sometimes it's the lack of permanency such as people who live in rental properties that prevents them from getting into food gardening knowing they

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Vegetable Growing and Space

When I first started adventuring into self sufficiency, in particular vegetable growing, I was extremely proud to have built my first vegetable patch – a square wooden sleeper style 2.4 x 2.4 metre raised box. My first few attempts at growing vegetables in this patch were encouraging but not terrific; however, after some trial and

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