Red Cabbage with Apples

This wonderfully purple recipe is a traditional Dutch dish. Red cabbage with apples is sweet and a little sour, easy to make & an extremely good way to get kids (and adult kids!) to eat red cabbages. Originally it is eaten with baked potatoes or potato croquettes and a beef stew that is literally translated

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Cabbage White Butterfly – Bad Bug To Have In Garden Pest

Pest Collection 1 – Cabbage White Butterfly Common Name: Cabbage white butterfly Scientific Name: Pieris rapae Order: Lepidoptera Host plant where found: Red cabbage – Family veggie patch. Host range or situation where pest is usually found: Ornamentals-stock, wallflower, geranium, mignonette, nasturtium, spider flower. Vegetables – broccoli, gabbage, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, radish, mustard, kale, turnip. Field

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pumpkin in shed window curing with vegetable garden in background

Growing Heirloom Vegetables – What are they & Why?

Humans… we're funny creatures. We love new stuff and then we also love what's old. One of my favourite songs (by a German band) has the chorus: Destroy, improve, and re-build. For some reason, I love the freedom in the intent of the song and the premise conserving holds back creation. But then, another part

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