Rambo High Pressure Gas Wok Burner

With the holiday season approaching there’s one thing better than smelling the roses and getting people together outside and that’s the smell of a BBQ or how about an outdoor wok fry up?

I know it might sound a little different for some people but outdoor wok cooking is a sensational and fun way to prepare food for a gathering of family or friends!

Rambo high pressure wok burner buy

 High Pressure Wok Burner $145 – $165 buy on eBay

I’ve had my Rambo High Pressure Gas Wok Burner now for about 7 years and I’ve really given it some use I can tell you. I’ve taken it camping, on holidays, over friends places, and of course cooked with it at home on countless occasions.

A wok burner such as the Rambo can be used in conjunction with a standard BBQ or it can completely take over the role of a BBQ plate and do everything – I tend to use it both ways.

For example, if we go away the Rambo Wok Burner packs easily into a small trunk and takes up very little space so that’s my “go to” cooking device for camping and road trips. It’s faster and much easier to prepare a meal with a wok burner than a portable BBQ.

However, at home when we have several people over I tend to use the Rambo and my BBQ at the same time. I can be knocking up a crispy Asian entrée for the adults with the Rambo and at the same time sizzle some sausages on the BBQ for the kids.      

rambo high pressure wok burner in bush picnic setting

Down the back of our property we have a bush picnic area (image above)

As the name suggests the Rambo gets its cooking power via the high pressure gas regulator, which is hooked up to a standard gas bottle. Proper wok cooking needs to be done over a high heat and a standard gas regulator just won’t cut it when it comes to authentic stir-fries.

With the Rambo burner the wok is at usable temperature almost instantly due to the intense flame – it’s like a jet engine! In fact, I rarely use the Rambo wok burner at full throttle unless I want to bring a huge pot of water to the boil and then it does that in just a few minutes.

I have a wooden block I use to place my burner on because it does get extremely hot, obviously. But, lately I’ve been using my old BBQ as a stand for the burner and it works well. Due to the heat output it isn’t recommended for use indoors; however, it’s perfectly appropriate for decks or outside covered entertainment areas.

rambo high pressure wok burner in bush picnic setting close

Here's a closer picture of my old large BBQ now being used as a stand for the Wok Burner (image above)

Wok style cooking is really versatile. You can knock up a standard stir-fry searing the meat and vegetables to perfection or use a wok as a deep fryer. Naturally, almost anything you can make on a standard BBQ can be done with a wok and a good burner.  

These days, our friends and family visit with an expectation they will be treated to another wild wok cooking demonstration and I never let them down!   

Overall, the Rambo High Pressure Gas Wok Burner is a top piece of kit and I got mine on eBay here. It’s robust, easy to use, and does a great job. What’s more it doesn’t cost the earth…    

Would you like to see more information and discuss the Rambo Wok Burner? See this disscussion thread on our forum!

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