How to Get Different Coloured Chicken Eggs Naturally

We all know the benefits of keeping chickens and producing your own eggs but how about being really different and producing a carton of eggs with several different colours like: white, chocolate, brown, speckled, and even blue!  

Yes that’s right, chicken eggs can come in a variety of different colours and even multi-coloured so what better way to show off your organic backyard eggs than having a wonderful mix of colours. We often give our eggs away to family and friends and the multi-coloured surprise they get when they open the carton lid is priceless. Many people are so used to the same old commercially farmed eggs that they simply don't realise chicken eggs can be so diverse in colour.  

Here's a sample of some different coloured eggs (image above)

How do you get a mix of different coloured eggs? Easy, just keep a flock of different types of chickens. As a backyard chicken keeper the worst advice we can take from chicken suppliers and breeders is to buy one type of bird just because “these are GREAT layers mate – they lay 350 eggs a year.”  Whoopee doo baby, we’re backyard chicken keepers not egg suppliers!

Therefore, do buy a few good laying breeds but then hold off on the bulk purchase of chickens just because they can lay a million eggs a year, do a little research, and go buy some of the more extravagant birds in this case ones which lay different coloured eggs.

You can have fun doing your own research and finding out what’s available in your area because there are literally hundreds of different breeds of chickens but here are a few chicken breeds below that lay different coloured eggs:  

  • French Marans – chocolate (very dark brown).
  • Araucana or South American Rumpless – light blue eggs.
  • Welsummer – light dark brown and speckled eggs.  
  • Leghorn – white eggs.
  • Minorca – white eggs.
  • Lohmann Brown – light brown egg.

Are all the different coloured eggs the same to eat? Yes, they’re all the same on the inside but there’s something special about seeing a bowl or carton of multi-coloured chicken eggs similar to Easter eggs… all the wrapping is different but deep down inside you know it’s the same chocolate.

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