Dragon Fruit / Pitaya Trellis Support Tip To Stop Branch Drop

Support dragon fruit pitaya on a trellis instead of post

Most people grow the vine-like dragon fruit cactus on a post for support; however, dragon fruit plants can tend to "bush out" and out-grow the post over time. This extra growth can then lead to the plant fracturing under its own weight and losing limbs, due to only a few holding or securing points available.

A great tip and growing idea is to grow dragon fruit on a mesh support and tac it to the support a bit like an espalier. To do this, the mesh support must be strong and durable (cyclone fencing is ideal).

1. Simply use two strong posts (instead of one) about two metres apart and 2 metres high.

2. Between the posts secure cyclone fencing mesh – ensure it is taut.

3. Plant the dragon fruit central.

4. Tac the plant to the mesh by the hard stem (between the fleshy segments) as it grows training it up and out.

The mesh will allow the plant to flower and fruit to set on any side but more importantly it will evenly spread the weight of the plant and stop stem splitting or limb drop!

The example in the image (below) was taken from my tennis centre and was planted by Fred our grounds keeper.

You can comment or ask questions about this tip in the comments section below.



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