Do Chicken and Duck Eggs Taste The Same?

 Yes there is a difference between chicken and duck eggs

A question I often hear or get asked is do duck eggs taste the same as chicken eggs? The simple answer is NO but having said that, the differences for most people are not obvious.

Standard duck eggs are usually bigger than chicken eggs by at least 10 grams. The yolk in a duck egg is not only larger than a chicken yolk but it also takes up a bigger percentage of the egg overall. In other words, the yolk to egg white is more in a duck egg than chicken egg.

A duck egg (70 grams) contains about twice as much iron as a large chicken egg (60 grams).

Duck eggs have over double the amount of cholesterol compared to chicken eggs and nearly twice as much folate.

Due to the extra protein in duck eggs they are often seen by bakers as better for making cakes and sweets. 

Back to the taste question – my personal preference for eating (fried or boiled) is chicken eggs over duck eggs. I have to say, I not only prefer chicken eggs over duck eggs on my toast, I don't like duck eggs at all for eating unless they are part of a cake etc.

I find duck eggs have a stronger taste and also an "earthy" smell about them, which does seem to put me off wanting to eat them. Nevertheless, I do still occasionally eat them fried when chicken eggs are scarce (but that's not very often).

So yes, duck eggs are definitely different to chicken eggs and not just in size!

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