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Homegrown Pickled Brown Onions with Jalapenos

I had never made pickled onions like this before, and I was really happy with the outcome of this batch! The jalapenos give the onions a slight spicy/chilli hit that adds to the flavour and overall the pickle mix is well balanced. Pickled onions are great on their own as a snack but can also

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Snake Bean Bratwurst Burger

The main concept of this burger is to demonstrate that seasonal vegetables are fine to use as a substitute for the traditional burger sides and snake beans hanging out and over the edge is a novel twist. Taste wise these burgers were a total hit with my wife and kids and also a leaner healthier

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Chili Bread & Butter Pickles

Quick pickling methods like this taste great, are healthy to eat, and simple to make. I tend to make quick pickles using sliced up cucumbers or other vegetables when I don’t have enough to ferment all in one hit. Sometimes there aren’t enough small cucumbers to make a jar or crock but a few sliced

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Purple Pickled Eggs with Malabar Berries

This simple recipe adds a colourful twist to basic pickled chicken eggs by using the berries from Malabar spinach (climbing spinach) as a natural purple colouring. I briefly mentioned this method in a YouTube video I made (see attached) showing how to grow Malabar and some uses for this amazing vegetable.

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Lemon Worcestershire Beef Jerky

The base of this jerky recipe is a homemade Worcestershire sauce I had made from our own plums several years ago and since we currently have a ton of lemons growing I decided to add a good hit of lemon juice to the mix for extra zing.

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