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Solar energy

Videojug is a video/blog site which specialises in "how-to" and has over 60,000 short videos free to watch about all sorts of information: like, gardening, health & well-being, and Home & DIY. So, when the guys from Videojug contacted me and asked if I would let the readers of SSM know more about their site, I was only too happy to share this information (for free). Reason being, if I can give you, the valued readers of SSM, another information source to choose from to help whatever project you're doing or feed whatever interest you have, I've done my job as an information blog resource and writer. For example, it's not solar related but have a look at this green way to kill weeds in the following video: http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-kill-weeds-with-vinegar

The Videojug Team have written the following short article about 10 top solar gadgets and I have included another embedded video directly sourced from the Videojug website. Enjoy…

Videojug – 10 Top Solar Gadgets

The popularity and range of uses for solar power is growing all of the time. What are our 10 top solar powered gadgets as decided by Videojug, and how can you use them to make yourself greener immediately?

1. Solar Backpack – This is perhaps one of the most unique recent inventions in any industry, let alone solar power. A solar backpack will soak up rays as you go about your business, with the power generated able to recharge your phone, iPod, or any other mobile device you may be carrying with you.

2. Solar Keyboard – This product utilises outdoor light as well as rays from within the home, meaning that you can use this wireless keyboard with your PC whatever the weather conditions, and can even sit outside if you are able to easily move the terminal and monitor. Other computer gadgets, such as the mouse, are also available in solar powered designs.

3. Speakers – Ideal for barbecues and other garden parties when you do not want to worry about having wires strewn everywhere, solar speakers are becoming more and more widely available and are proven to be extremely efficient.

4. Solar powered toys – There are a variety of solar powered toys currently available, which are great for building the children’s awareness of the importance of solar energy. Remote controlled cars are the most popular product, however there are many varieties available, including simple circuits which then power a small motor or light sequence.

5. Lawn mowers – Solar panelled lawnmowers are available either as hybrids, or models that only use solar power. This is a truly unique innovation, and most examples have built in sensors so it can mow your lawn independently, as well as power down and return to itself to a power point when the battery runs low.

6. Digital media – E-readers and tablets are becoming a bigger part of the technology market, and many are now coming with the added benefit of being able to be solar powered. As well as the tablet itself, charging stations for products such as the Amazon Kindle are also available in solar powered varieties.

7. Dress tie – A solar powered tie is not recommended for anyone with a sense of fashion, but if you find your phone battery dying at the most inconvenient of times, this might just be for you. Just place your phone into the pocket on the rear of the tie, and the phone will receive all of the stored energy from your tie.

A solar powered tie…hmmm? It's true, I Googled it… but it probably isn't going to be a world beater, however, if you like making gadgets check out this DIY video  on how to make a solar powered USB re-charger out of some spare solar garden lights.

8 – Mobile phone – Electrical manufacturer Sharp have developed the first mobile phone which can be powered by solar energy. Although current models are hybrids, there is the potential to take the idea to full solar power.

9. Sunglasses – Energy converting sunglasses collect solar energy, and store it so you can get a small addition to the battery life of small appliances such as telephones and MP3 players. Ideal if you need that extra 30 minutes while on the train home!

10. Solar table – If you enjoy working in the garden and are lucky enough to have lots of sunshine, then buy yourself a sun table. Admittedly, it will not do anything for your garden aesthetically, but it will store plenty of energy so you do not need to reach for the extension cable to charge your laptop.

Experiment with many of these solar ideas at the earliest opportunity, and save yourself not only energy, but bags of money, too!

There you have it from the guys over at Videojug the "how-to" video blog site with the motto "get good at life." If you want a good browse pop over and have a peak at some of their videos or do a search and see what comes up in your favourite how-to category – it can't hurt and it's free.

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