Shelly's Bio (SSM Fitness Writer)

From the Editor: Before we get into Shelly’s own bio I would personally like to introduce her to our readers: Michelle (Shelly) is one of the most professional women I have ever known, her dedication to perfection in her professional and personal life is amazing whilst at the same time she is still able to be a caring and fun person.

Shelly is also a gracious and humble person so she wouldn’t tell you how she was the first female Physical Training Instructor to train Australia’s elite Special Forces! During those several years of training Australia’s best soldiers, Shelly also represented the Australian Army on the hit TV show Gladiators. 

I’m wrapped Shelly has decided to join SSM as our health and fitness subject matter expert (and writer) because she practices what she preaches and what Shelly doesn’t know about health & fitness is not worth knowing!   


Hello everyone My name is Shelly and I’m a happily married mother of 2 beautiful boys aged 8 & 10, I have an active husband who loves to surf and work out at the gym, we have 2 dogs that insist I walk them every morning at 4.30am but thankfully we all share a passion for sport, health, & fitness.

I have been involved in the Health & Fitness Industry for the last 23 years and I have had a passion for health & fitness since I was a small child; even though, I’m sure my mother and sister thought I was a mad child always out running and eating up to 5 apples a day! Not sure what that apple phase was about — I don’t eat quite as many these days but I still always get out running whenever I can.

My career highlights so far:

  • Becoming a Physical Training Instructor in the Australian Army for 10 years;
  • Being qualified as an Australian Certified Personal Trainer;
  • Diploma in Fitness & Nutrition;
  • Bachelor in Education – Health and Physical Education Learning area;
  • Currently, I work full time as a High School Sports Master and Certificate III & IV in Fitness Facilitator/Instructor for Y11 & 12 students.

I still train clients in my spare time on a voluntary basis and keep my qualifications up to date working in my local gym and attending personal development courses. Competing in fitness events such as fun runs and triathlons is also another passion of mine.