Injury & Recovery

Why Chiropractors Aren’t All They’re Cracked Up to Be-

A critical discussion from the eyes of an exercise physiologist. Recently my social media feed has been flooded with videos of the most satisfying cracks and pops delivered by the hands of a chiropractor. The instant relief on the face of the patient is phenomenal and these moans and groans are often accompanied by an

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The Truth About Smartwatches: Are They Really On Your Side?

In today’s fast-paced society, where instant gratification reigns supreme, we often turn to external devices to validate our efforts and keep us motivated. Smartwatches have quickly become an essential companion in our quest for accountability and wellness, particularly when it comes to achieving our daily step goals. The modern smartwatch offers an array of health

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The Big Bad Wolf of the Ageing Process

The age-old tale of the Three Little Pigs is probably something you have read hundreds of times for your kids bedtime story. It outlines the life of three piggies who go out on their own and build their respective homes. One piglet chooses to make his house of straw, the next out of sticks, and

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