You BASTARDS – ACCC Confirms Energy Coys Rip-Off

Yesterday, the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) released a scathing report into the energy market here in Australia basically stating that the reason Australia's electricity prices are so high was due to collusion, greed, dishonesty, and incompetence of politicians, bureaucrats, and energy company executives. 

For the best part of a decade elitists pushing green energy policies have been the cause of a doubling (sometimes tripling) of power prices across the nation.

In other words, these heartless climate change zealots are responsible for thousands of lower-wage earners and pensioners suddenly realising that 20% of their take-home income is now required to pay for electricity usage. 

It's one thing for kids to believe in Santa Clause (because that's pretty harmless) but how educated adults can take the climate change hype as gospel and then impose their powerful influence over a whole country so that their fellow citizens suffer is quite incredible to me!

Literally, 1000's of homes across Australia are in darkness tonight because they can't afford to keep the lights on due to defaulting on their oppressive electricity bills. Yet politicians still squabble in the media over a damming ACCC report they haven't even read – you make me sick! 

Sharri Markson (National Political Editor for the Daily Telegraph) tonight on Sky News called for a Royal Commission into the Australian Energy Market citing major malpractice and deceit by energy companies. Evidence has been uncovered showing internal documents proving how electricity companies trick customers into signing up for "discounted" plans when hidden in the fine print these discounts are nulled if bills are not paid on time. 

Internal correspondence within electricity companies shows how they knowingly gloat less than 50% of customers ever qualify for discounted power bills and that their ploy to offer cheaper prices whilst actually raking in higher prices in forgone discounts and huge late payment penalties are working. 

These practices of energy corporates ripping the customer off whilst spruiking their green energy credentials has been known for many years but now FINALLY they are formally exposed. 

We as consumers and voters need to send a message to Liberal/National and Labor/Greens that we will not accept the suffering of vulnerable people in our society by voting for any other party except them. Minor parties are the go – forget the nonsense that says only the major political parties can make a difference or run the country – I used to think that but not anymore…

It's the major same-same political parties that are leading our country up the renewable fairytale pathway before it's anywhere near a reality rather it's just one big insufferable lie. 

I will never vote for a major political party again until I see electricity prices fall by the 25% the ACCC says it should for the market to be close to fair for lower-wage earners and pensioners.  

You bastards…                 


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