This video about how to make tomato and cheese open melts is mainly targeted at university students who have left home for the first time and had mummy cook and clean for them right up until they left. The degree of difficulty in making this recipe is rated slightly above making a standard cheese and tomato sandwich...

Fully of erroneous visual trickery and text features this video is a must see to take it's all time views on YouTube above 100 - finally! Come on - watch it :)

We grow, process, and cook our own quail here at Self Sufficient Me and this video demonstrates how to make our special favourite way of cooking quail piri piri style.

The BBQ unit used is a Weber Q 220 but honestly any barby with an enclosed lid can do the job and cook quail this way to perfection.

This beef jerky recipe is a cross between the South African Biltong and North American beef jerky both of which are great tasting snack foods.

The idea to cross jerky with biltong came about through wanting a taste of biltong with the practical way of making jerky and the end product works perfectly! Biltong beef jerky strips are great for a party snack food or to take camping and on treks etc.

Making biltong in a dehydrator as this video demonstrates in not at all conventional or a traditional way to make this South African dried meat treat.

However, as crude as it may be to purists this method of making biltong in a standard dehydrator works and it's proven by my meat-eating 7 feet tall South African brother in-law who thinks it's as good as any he has tasted. 

This biltong making recipe and method is a huge hit at functions and family get togethers. Plus, it's dead set easy to make...

This video simply shows how to grill home-grown capsicums and remove the skin using a sweating bag technique to make them taste great in a warm grilled capsicum salad. Several different types of home-grown capsicums are used.

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