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Grandpas Large Chicken Feeder

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M Updated December 07, 2015
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Grandpas Large Chicken Feeder

Product Info

Large Chicken Feeder
40h x 55w x 63d
18kg / 40lb
$275 AU

Grandpas Large Chicken Feeder is definitely a strong durable feeder!

How many chickens can it feed - This Grandpas large sized chicken treadle feeder is designed to feed up to 12 chickens for 10 days without refilling. 

What's it made out of - It is made out of alloy galvanised steel which means it's not only strong and durable but it's also virtually rust proof.

Birds - This treadle feeder will feed chickens, bantams, and pheasants.

Used for all dry feed - pellets or grains

Comes with a mesh insert to help prevent feed dragging or spillage 

Easy to assemble 

Keeps out rodents, smaller birds and other animals

Operation - The feeder is operated by the chickens stepping on the tread plate which in turn opens the lid giving access to the feed chamber. When the chicken steps off the tread plate the lid comes down and closes. 

Training - Feeder comes with training bolts which are inserted to keep the lid up and reducing heights allowing the birds to get used to eating from the feeder until eventually the bolts are totally removed and the lid closes fully. Teaching the chickens how to eat from the feeder can take up to 2 weeks.  


Editor review

1 reviews

Impressive but still too messy!
(Updated: September 26, 2015)
Overall rating 
Value for Money 
Feed Spill 
I've used this large Grandpas chook/chicken treadle feeder for about 6 years and there's no doubt the quality and build is outstandingly good.

I personally had no issues with the operation or assembly of the feeder and my flock learn't how to use it within a week! The instructions for how to teach birds to use the feeder were easy to follow and clear.

I have also used this feeder successfully with ducks - they adapted a little slower but after a few weeks of watching my hens use the feeder they soon took to it like a duck to water lol. Unfortunately, the local wild ducks also learn't how to use the feeder so I would recommend to locate this feeder in a restricted place if you have larger wild birds in your area with the weight to open the lid.

Whilst on the subject of wildlife, other animals will also learn how to open the feeder (if they gain access to where the feeder is kept) such as possums or similar larger animals - so be aware if you hear the feeder lid banging down during the night it's probably not a hen using it!

The newer Grandpas treadle feeder models come with a stainless mesh that is fitted over the top of the feed chamber/opening. The older models didn't have this mesh but they were posted out for free to customers who requested it for them to retrofit the mesh to their older feeder. The reason for the mesh was to try and stop hens from raking through the feed and dragging it out spilling feed over the ground.

Whilst this mesh does help it certainly doesn't stop the problem and I found my feeder still spilt an unacceptable amount of feed over the ground causing feed waste and attracting birds or rodents. Part of the problem is the feeder design being gravity fed from the top chamber meaning as the bird eats or drags the food forward more feed spills into the chamber until the build up overflows.

It's such a shame that the feed spillage issue still remains because this really is a quality product and excellent chicken feeder - one of the best. If my pen was contained and excluded all other animals the feed spill may not be an issue but that's not the case. For close to $300 this is probably one of the most expensive chicken feeders on the domestic market and although it's great quality I feel it could be better value.

Overall, this is a top feeder that could be better if it was spill proof but if some feed spillage over the ground doesn't concern you then I do recommend it for you flock.

Pros & Cons

Excellent quality and well made feeder

Does keep out rodents and small wild birds such as pigeons or sparrows

Holds a lot of feed and is easy to assemble
Feed tends to get raked out by hens over the front of the feed chamber onto the ground making a mess.

This is one very expensive chook feeder!
Feeding and drinking station for chickens
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User reviews

1 reviews

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Pros & Cons
Top Feeder But Pricey!
Overall rating 
Value for Money 
Feed Spill 
This treadle feeder is a really good piece of kit and yes it does spill some feed out over the front, however, not enough to worry me too much because I just let it empty and then the hens clean up the mess on the ground. The main thing is rats and other animals can't get into the feeder and it's waterproof.

I suppose you pay for what you get but this Grandpa's treadle feeders are expensive!

Thanks :)

Pros & Cons

Keeps out the critters
Holds heaps of feed
Very well made
Costs a lot of money
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This is the Australian website where this treadle feeder can be purchased directly.
Grandpa's Feeders USA Website (Buy This Product)
For American buyers go here to their US website
USA buyers can also purchase from Amazon
Other Types of Treadle Feeders on eBay (Links to Similar Products)
Here's a link to other types of treadle feeders you might want to check out.
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