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I like the no gravity feed design
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I have used treadle feeders in the past with my flock and chickens do adapt well to using them - I can't see how this treadle feeder would be any different so give it about a week and your hens or ducks will be happily using it.  

What I do like about this type of treadle feeder is the NO gravity fed design. This means the feed chamber is filled with feed only and not also a gravity fed storage chamber and the reason this is important is feed loss or spillage tends to be more when a treadle feeder has extra gravity fed feed storage because of the inherent habit of hens raking through the feed causing more feed to flow into the feed chamber until it overflows.

So this feeder design doesn't have the overflow problem; however, hens will still rake and throw the feed around when eating and make a mess. That's why I would recommend not filling the feeder up fully and leaving a few inches below the top of the feed chamber to curb spillage if they do rake or throw the feed around or you could experiment with a wire mesh with about 2 inch square holes cut to size to fit the chamber and seated on top of the feed. 

The other thing that would limit feed spill would be a simple inch wide lip around the inside of the feed chamber to make it harder for the hens to rake the feed up and out of the unit. Both modifications really should come with these types of treadle feeders these days but alas they don't... 

Another mod I would like to see on a treadle feeder such as this is an easy lowering device whereby the lid lowers slowly when closing after the hen has jumped off the treadle plate. One thing I do find annoying with treadle feeders is the bang when the lid falls down after the chicken has stepped off the treadle plate. This noise is ok if your pen is located away from the house I suppose but a slow lower lid would be a nice feature in my opinion.       


One thing that is undeniable is the security of treadle feeders especially from rodents, small animals and wild birds.     


I think this treadle feeder is very reasonably priced especially compared to other branded treadle feeders on the market. 


I think the Somerzby treadle feeder is worth a try if you are deciding on purchasing this type of feeder. The feed spill might not be a problem for you, but if it is, some simple mods could help restrict feed loss and still make it a really affordable and good secure feeder.  

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Never owned/used but know a bit about it

Pros & Cons

Reasonably priced
Good size
less spill than other treadle feeders (with some modifications)
Keep out rodents and other pests
Practical feeder
Likely need to slightly modify feeding chamber with a grid
Bang/noise when the lid goes down
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