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Good concept but I'm skeptical
(Updated: December 23, 2015)
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The Peck-O-Matic on face value is a very clever designed chicken feeder and works similar to a nipple drinker whereby the hen pecks a trigger (in this case a plastic tray) to make the feeder dispense the grains.

By design, this feeder will have very little spillage and because it's raised or hung and fully enclosed other animals can't steal the feed. Feed spill and security are two major problems backyard chicken owners face and the makers of Peck-O-Matic should be commended for this invention. 

This feeder is relatively new on the market but already it's reviewing highly on Amazon from satisfied buyers; however, there's a few things about this feeder that worry me.

Firstly, for what is essentially just a bucket and a few other easily obtained parts, the Peck-O-Matic seems a little overpriced and it doesn't come fully assembled either. 

But more importantly, what worries me the most is the possibility of hens not getting enough feed or perhaps spending too long hovering around the feeder when they could be resting, laying, or doing other chicken things. 

This may seem like nitpicking to some people, but chickens have a very short intestinal system and this means they do spend a lot of time each day eating. Therefore, this doesn't leave the hens much time for other things as it is anyway let alone making it harder for them to get their feed!

See the video attached to this review and whilst it shows a well-designed feeder to stop feed spill and animals from getting to the grains, to me, it's not the greatest design when it comes to access for the hens themselves. It seems the emphasis was placed on convenience for chicken keepers rather than the chickens being able to have easy access to feed... If you keep hens for eggs or meat you want them to eat properly! 

In fairness, the backyard chicken owner with one or two hens probably would find this feeder works well for them. However, those with larger flocks and more competition between hens may see the Peck-O-Matic advantages of security and feed spill come as a trade off with some hens not getting enough feed and in the end this could hurt egg production.   

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Never owned/used but know a bit about it

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Good feed security
Limited feed spill or loss
Worried about hens not getting enough feed
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October 31, 2017
Thanks for this review. When I watched the video, I had similar reservations about this product. One of the things that struck me was that while there were a number of hens milling about near the feeder, only a few actually had significant access. I think birds that are lower in the pecking order may have even more trouble getting an adequate amount of food than those higher in rank.
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