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Excellent incubator for the price
(Updated: December 16, 2015)
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Who makes this incubator?

The Jn 448 egg incubator is essentially another no brand Chinese made incubator even though it is supposedly marketed by Nappole Technology but I think they are more a seller than a manufacturer. 

Nevertheless, from my testing so far I've found this low cost egg incubator worth every penny regardless of it not technically being branded. 

Incubator design

Lid and access - My last incubator was also a cheap Chinese made unit I got off eBay (it was bigger) but I hated how the whole top section of the unit needed to be removed to check the eggs or add water etc. However, with this unit it has a top hinged lid which can be easily flipped open to gain access to the eggs and I really like that feature! 

Size - My last incubator had the capacity to hold 48 chicken eggs but the Jn 448 is significantly smaller holding only 9 single stacked with a possibility of 18 - 23 or so (if the eggs are double stacked) - more about that later. 

Overall, I have found the size of this incubator adequate and if anything I have learnt that bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to egg incubators. As a hobby backyard poultry keeper who breeds my own chickens, ducks, and quail, for eggs and meat I always thought I needed a large incubator but I have found this not to be the case for someone (like me) who is only breeding for myself and not to sell to others. 

Often, I will only incubate a dozen duck or chicken eggs at a time anyway so running a larger incubator for this amount of eggs was a waste of energy. Yes, I'm quite satisfied with my smaller incubator and if I ever need more stock I simply just incubate more often... 

Point to note: If incubating more than 9 eggs you'll need to have a brooder set-up and going for hatching time because over 9 chicks or ducklings will be too many for this sized incubator to hold. What I do is wait for about 6 or so to hatch out then I quickly open the top lid and transfer the chicks to the brooder rather than wait for all eggs to hatch out (which is the standard way to do it).  

Automatic egg turner - This is what makes this incubator different to any others I have seen and why it is able to turn more eggs than you'd expect. Instead of an oscillator the Jn 448 has a rolling mechanism via a set of PVC tubes to turn the eggs. 

Egg turning/rolling is can be programmed by interval and also turning time; for example, every 6 hours for 8 seconds - meaning the tubes will rotate and at the same time the eggs turn also. If the eggs are double stacked when the bottom eggs turn the top eggs also rotate therefore allowing for more eggs to be incubated than the floor space actually provides - pretty nifty hey!

Water tray - Eggs usually need a humidity range between 50 - 70 % for good hatch rates. This incubator has a water tray, which is easily accessed from the front of the unit. Basically, I found the tray needed filling about every 5 days and this was as simple as pulling the tray out slightly and topping it up with a small watering can. 

In some incubators the humidity level is regulated by filling water channels (the more surface area the more humidity) and this can be tricky but with the JN 448 I found the container was the perfect surface area for the unit and the humidity levels remained around the 60 - 70% mark.              
Programming LCD panel - There's not much to the LCD panel it has all the basic requirements and it's easy to understand. 


Well, to be honest there isn't any insulation! The outer box and the inner packing foam the unit comes packed with is supposed to be used as insulation. Annoyingly, I needed to cut a hole in the front of the box in order to remove/fill the water container when required otherwise I would have had to remove the whole unit from the box each time. 

At the end of the day, cutting out a hole to provide for the water container wasn't too much of an inconvenience but it is something you should know about before purchasing this incubator. NOTE: Don't throw away the outer box this incubator comes in because you'll need it!

Alternatively, you could use any other box or container with appropriate foam inside to insulate the incubator. It is possible to use the incubator as is without any outer box or insulation and it will work; however, the small heating element and fan motor will run hard to keep the temperature constant and this will greatly shorten the life of the unit so I recommend following the manufacturers instructions and use extra insulation around the unit itself.   


I paid only $88 for my incubator (this included free postage) but I see the price has gone up by at least 20% perhaps this reflects its growing popularity? I don't know, although I do still think it's a good buy and great value for money. 

I seriously considered buying a top end incubator but now I'm glad I got the Jn 448 because it does everything I need for a fraction of the cost of a big branded unit.  


Bottom line this incubator serves me well and much better than I expected. I took the gamble of buying another cheap Chinese automatic egg incubator (but a different type) and I'm glad I did! 

See the video attached to this review listing for a comprehensive video review of the Jn 448.  

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Great price
Like the top lid for easy access
Good and unique egg rolling design
Easy to program
Requires extra insulation such as a box due to the thin plastic construction
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December 21, 2015
What is the power consumption of this unit? I am on off-grid solar, so the power usage is a key spec.
December 22, 2015
In reply to an earlier comment

Hi GordonC,

Max Power: 30 Watts and Voltage:230V/50HZ (that's for Australia).

Thanks for the question - this is something I should have mentioned in the listing and I will fix that up!

Cheers :)
June 02, 2017
Have you got any instruction manuals you would shareable I've borrowed this incubator and I don't know how to set the turning or days!!
June 17, 2017
In reply to an earlier comment

No, sorry I don't have a manual.
4 results - showing 1 - 4

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