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Very versatile fruiting tree/shrub
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This Yellow Cherry Guava is one of my favourite fruiting plants because it produces tasty sweet fruit and is very easy to maintain.

We have ours growing out the front yard along the fence line to act as an ornamental edible, plus the fence gives the plant some support as they can be a little sprawly in the first few years until it develops a strong framework.

I have been quite surprised at just how drought tolerant this variety is once established and generally it requires very little care. 

It's pretty slow growing during the first few years and then growth picks up. Initially, we started with one plant to give it a go and then was so impressed got a further 4 more to plant alongside. 

In our area we unfortunately have a native pest called the QLD fruit fly, which attacks fruit, but because the fruit from our cherry guavas ripen in autumn after the main fruit fly season is over this shrub does not require exclusion netting and the fruit never gets stung. 

I do recommend this fruit tree/shrub for small or large gardens alike - you won't be sorry!     

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In Ground/Raised Bed

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Compost and chicken manure enriched soil

Favourite way to prepare/eat

I like them straight off the plant when fully ripe. Also, if you get a big enough harvest they can be juiced.

Pros & Cons

Great tasting fruit
Fruit ripens in autumn when fruit fly is less active so the shrub doesn't require netting.
Good fruit production
Can be used as an edible hedge
Pretty slow growing - initially.

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