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One of my favourite food plants
(Updated: May 03, 2016)
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The Yellow Dragon Fruit vine is a fantastic plant to grow in the backyard. It's very low maintenance and is able to withstand harsh conditions and neglect. 

Having said that, I find that my plants grow and produce better if given appropriate fertiliser and water throughout the year. I have several vines growing and although this yellow variety has thorns I find it tastes better than the common red variety but honestly the red and yellow both taste nice. 

A mistake I made with two of my vines initially was growing them up posts that were not strong enough to hold the weight of the mature vine. Tip: Ensure the post or trellis support is really strong! A single large fence post about 2 metres high and cemented into the ground is perfect.  

If you find rust spots on the stems and they are getting out of control then spray with a copper fungicide but a few spots is normal and won't hurt. Also, keep loose stems secured otherwise they may break off from the plant. Apart from that, not much goes wrong with these fruiting cactus vines. 

Dragon fruit are easy to grow from seed or cutting (cutting is best) and can grow quite quickly - ours were producing fruit by second year. My only gripe would be that sometimes the plants don't produce a lot of fruit with one plant typically growing between 1 - 7 fruits a season. Occasionally, the vines will flower more than one a year to produce more and that's a bonus when it happens. 

I definitely recommend growing the Yellow Dragon Fruit - it's one of the most exciting and interesting food plants to grow in the home garden.  

Plant Knowledge Base

I grow/have grown this plant

Where is this plant growing?

In Ground/Raised Bed

What is your Climate?

Organically Grown?


Fertilisers, Organics, or Other Supplements Used

Mixture of chicken and quail manure mulch

Favourite way to prepare/eat

Best chilled in the fridge and eaten fresh but it does go well in drinks or fruit salads.

Pros & Cons

Spectacular flowers resulting in a refreshing fruit about the size of a standard mango (sometimes bigger)
Drought hardy cactus vine
vertical grower so good for small spaces
Thorny - well, it is a cactus...
Fruiting can sometimes be scarce

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How to remove thorns from yellow dragon fruit
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