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Gathering dust before I take it to the tip
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Initially, I was very keen and eager to test out my new Baumr-AG 65cc multi-tool because the price was fair and I saw several reviews from people that were happy with the product. 

Unfortunately, my Baumr whipper snipper turned out to be a complete dud! My first impression was a slight concern at the build quality because I noticed the handles and plastic trigger etc looked cheap compared to my old Honda - cheap plastic look and feel (if you know what I mean).

Plus, the accessory pack (hearing protection, gloves, glasses) were absolute rubbish and wouldn't protect against a feather duster fight let alone operate machinery.  

I could have overlooked the cheap feel and bogus accessory pack if the thing actually ran decently but I found that I first had to change my fuel mix from the standard ratio (50:1) to something else I forget now (I think 25:1) which meant a separate fuel container just for this machine, and then I noticed just how difficult it was to start.

Once I got it started, it did run well for a few uses and had lots of power; however, after about the 3rd time I noticed the power staring to drop off and the plastic casing around the motor actually did fall off (although this shouldn't have made much difference to operation but just illustrates the poor build).

I checked fuel, filters, blockages, etc and tinkered for hours to try and get it running but pretty quickly the machine degenerated into a difficult to start, unreliable, heavy, whipper snipper than would run ok for about 15 minutes before clonking out or losing so much power it could hardly spin the cutting head. 

In the end, I placed it in the corner of my shed (where it sits today - 12 months later) and purchased a Stihl Brush Cutter which worked straight out of the box and hasn't missed a beat yet! 

Honestly, I'm glad I didn't pay too much for this piece of Chinese rubbish because I could cut my losses and not cry about it too much but obviously, I don't recommend it to anyone.        

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Great price for such a multi-tool
Difficult to start
Poor quality parts
Different fuel oil ratio than most other 2 stroke engines
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January 06, 2020
Hi Mark,
I have been following your youtube channel for a while now (fantastic channel by the way) i was just looking to buy one of these and your experience with it has just told me to spend the money on something decent.
Cheers Trevor (from Caloundra on the sunshine coast)
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