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BTS 66 Audio meets my needs without breaking the bank
(Updated: March 28, 2016)
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The BTS 66 Audio Wireless Bluethooth Sports Headset is a quality product at a very reasonable price! 

I have been using my BTS for nearly 3 years as at the writing of this review and I can't find a negative thing at all to complain about. 

In the interests of full disclosure I would like to declare about 6 months ago 66 Audio did send me a complimentary set of their upgraded second generation wireless headphones for me to test (independently). Yes, I do like free stuff but the fact 66 Audio did give me their latest headphones to try doesn't and didn't influence my opinion or review about them. 

I got the feeling 66 Audio sent me this new upgraded headset out of excitement to impress me (a lifestyle blogger who writes about headsets sometimes) and who happened to have purchased the first gen headset. Plus, they have confidence in their product so rather than an attempt to have me write a favourable review because I got something for nothing I suppose they gambled I would genuinely like the product. 

That gamble probably worked, and confidence in their latest headset they deserve to have, because the next generation of BTS from 66 Audio is better than their first, which happened to be very good - you can see my blog review on their first gen headphones here.  

This new headset looks pretty much identical to the old ones but it's what's inside that has been improved with an extra 5 hours of battery life expectancy bringing it up to a massive 25 hours + and the ability to smart connect to two devices at once (such as a phone and smartwatch). Also, connectivity has been improved so there are less or nil micro dropouts when connected to your Android or Apple devices. 

As I stated earlier, I've been trialing these new headphones for around 6 months and they really are a joy to wear and listen to music with. There are three main functions that are important to me when it comes to wireless sports headphones and they are: wearability, sound, and durability - let's go through them:
  • Wearability - These are very comfortable and lightweight to wear even when worn for long periods such as a 60 min workout. In contrast, I have an expensive pair of Sony over-the-ear wireless headphones and whilst the sound and quality is pretty good my ears start to hurt after about 20 mins of use. However, I could wear the BTS for any amount of time without discomfort - it's like wearing sunglasses. But, unlike sunglasses the headset sits securely wrapped around the head and ears during vigorous exercise and most of the time I hardly notice they're there.    
  • Sound - I've said in other reviews how I'm not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to assessing sound quality except to say the music sounds good to me and there's no problem with volume like happens with some other over-the-ear type headphones due to the speakers competing with outside noise. 
  • Durability - I've broken countless headphones and most of the time it was due to sweat corroding or shorting out the speakers/unit. The BTS has stood up to my profuse perspiration. Talking about durability, I should take the opportunity to highlight the battery life of the BTS, which is probably the best in the industry at the moment as far as I'm aware. It's nice to not have to recharge the headset constantly after each workout. 
Most people don't mind paying high end prices if they know they are getting a quality product and one of the best attributes of the BTS is how little they cost compared to better known headphone brands. I've tried lots of wireless headphones twice or three times as expensive as these but not half as good so to find a product that's good quality and well-priced is a bonus indeed. 

Value for money is probably the best selling point of the BTS and that's a growing importance in today's world economy. Overall, I just want a wireless headset to sit comfortably on my head, stay secure without me having to adjust it constantly, play good sounding music, have a reasonable battery life, be durable, and not cost the earth. 

I think the BTS wireless headset from 66 Audio ticks all those boxes.                

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Excellent pricing - even with postage costs from the USA
Good sounding headphones
Very comfortable
Easy to operate and good connectivity
Good quality especially considering the price
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