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Rambo Safety High Pressure Gas Wok Burner

M Updated December 09, 2015
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Rambo Safety High Pressure Gas Wok Burner

Outdoor Cooking Types

Product Info

Rambo HPA100LPB
498mm (L) X 168mm (H) X 312mm (W)
$160 - $180

Rambo Safety High Pressure Gas Wok Burner Overview

The Rambo gas wok burner is a high powered cooking appliance for outdoor use (or big ventilated areas/industrial kitchens) only because it cooks at very high pressure thus producing extremely hot flames at 55 mj/hr heat capacity!  

This portable cooking device is capable of heating a wok in seconds (almost immediately) to cooking temperature and will bring a huge crab pot to boil within minutes. 

It is made and marketed by an Australian distributor called Auscrown.

Features/Specifications of the Rambo Wok Burner

This wok burner has the following features:

  • What can it heat - Fits all size pots, pans, and woks;
  • Long 1.8 m stainless steel braided hose;
  • High pressure gas regulator;
  • Quality and durable cast iron make;
  • Easily portable;
  • 100kpa gas pressure;
  • Safety standards approved;
  • Piezo auto ignition; and 
  • Excellent for large family or group functions. 

*Due to different regulations and fittings this exact same burner may not be available in other countries but the "Buy it" links may give some other options. 

Editor review

1 review
A great wok burner but it does much more!
(Updated: December 05, 2015)
Overall rating

Firstly, the Rambo High Pressure Gas Wok Burner works exactly as it says on the box. This is probably one of my most used and favourite "tools" I have for entertaining, cooking in general, and boiling large pots of water (which I often need to do for various tasks). 

Wok cooking is amazing with this burner! You know the golden rule when cooking Asian stir-fry - the wok must be hot so you sear the food and not stew it - well, this burner heats up any sized wok in seconds and then keeps it hot. Often when cooking on a standard flame or stove top the wok cools down too quickly once the ingredients are added and this leads to poor results; however, with the Rambo burner its jet like flame is so powerful that there's no chance of that happening. 

Personally, I can't use the Rambo on full flame when I'm wok cooking because it's just too powerful! I tend to place the flame on about medium setting for general wok frying/use. 

Having said that, the full flame setting does come in handy when boiling large pots of water like a crab pot. At full power, the Rambo burner will heat 20 litres of water in literally minutes and the wind won't blow it out either as once it gets going the flame is way too strong. 

We've used our burner for other things besides woks and boiling water - it's easy enough to turn the burner into a conventional BBQ by placing a hotplate on top if you want to cook up steaks or sausages. And, I'm sure there's many other uses I haven't thought of... 

The Piezoelectric spark has never failed me although sometimes it can take several clicks to get the burner lit. Regardless, the burner is easy enough to light with anything so in the wet or if the switch is clogged up somehow (although unlikely) the burner can be lit with a simple match or lighter anyway.

The Rambo does get extremely hot so I recommend using it on a stainless steel table or somewhere safe where it won't melt or burn into anything. See the images for how I mounted mine on our old BBQ. If you're going to use the burner on a standard table I would suggest at least placing it on a large block of wood otherwise it will simply ruin the table or bench. 


This wok gas burner is a solid piece of kit and obviously built for longevity. I have really neglected mine over the years by leaving it out in the weather or knocking it around in the back of the ute yet it's still going strong.

Although it is solid and reasonably heavy it still is very portable! In fact, it's so much easier to take away camping or cart down the back for a barby then a conventional BBQ unit - plus it doesn't take up much space.         

I really think the Rambo Wok Burner is a bargain for the price.   

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I own/owned this item

Pros & Cons

Very durable and high quality make.
Versatile can be used in several different ways.
Does a great job at fast heating and quick cooking.
Well priced.
You have to find a stand or place to position it that is basically heat resistant because it does burn hot!
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