No climate change strike for our school - are we too low socioeconomic to know better?

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  Dennis — While I believe that unnatural man made climate change is occurring, and I do believe it will be a challenge for my kids' and grandkids' generation, I would agree that encouraging children to walk out of school in protest is not productive. The issue as I see it, is not simply defined as climate c......
  Mark Valencia — Hi James, I don't see "climate change" as the so-called threat to mankind it's portrayed to be and I do my own research to formulate my opinion. To say the world will end in 12 years is bordering on child abuse and hysterics like this does the climate change debate no favours at all. What gives me h......
  James — Hey Mark, YouTube suggested one of your videos and I was/am very happy that the internet worked in my favor on that. My observations in this message in no way (I hope) offend you as I know climate change is a very science vs religion hot bed. I would say that as a home organic gardener you are on th......

It's a dangerous online game our kids could be playing...

If I'm at the checkout - keep your distance (please). 

Are you sick of striking childcare workers and high costs? Stay at home then...

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  Mark Valencia — Wonderful Heather! Thanks for sharing your story here and inspiring others. Cheers ...
  Heather — I've been with my twin boys since day one of coming home wouldnt give it up for anything. I worked a daycare before and must say my fiancee and i dont trust any after working just that one. Plus all the horror stories you'll hear about on the news! No thanks. We took our pay cut (even though it wasn......

Two school crossings within 100 metres but let's NOT use them... 

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