My Budget Reply Speech – Start Growing Your Own Food ASAP

I advise everyone who can grow food on their own property to do so or at least start preparing to become self-sufficient in as much as possible because I fear even harder times are coming…  

Treasurer of Australia (The Hon Scott Morrison) has announced Australia's Annual Budget and already the rhetoric has outweighed the substance.   

Feature elements of the Budget are a conservative tax cut for lower and middle-income earners and a sweetener for retirees. Also, major tax reform via the abolition of a whole tax bracket (which sounds great in theory) has got some people excited but it's only projected to commence in 4 and 7 years –  it's unlikely this reform will ever eventuate because of opposition for opposition sake.

At the risk of sounding ungrateful, stagnate wages growth here in Oz and the incredible rise in the cost of living pretty much makes the immediate tax savings kind of trivial.  

Sure, it's always good to get more of your own hard earnings returned to the skyrocket (back pocket) instead of to the tax man; however, with Australia's National Debt at 500 billion (and rising), the Govt will take the money back soon enough. I mean, seriously, the Turnbull Government will probably be gone in 12 months anyway and when Bill replaces Malcolm Labor will proceed to spend even more than the coalition did plus introduce policies that hike up power bills to appease the Climate God and tax the hell out of everyone to pay for it. I reckon we're stuffed…   

Whilst you have a few extra bucks though, I would be putting that 10'er per week (or so) into something to help make your own property more productive food wise. Such as buying a few hens to keep for eggs, seeds to grow veggies, raised garden beds, and perhaps a few fruit trees if you have space. 

Even if you live in an apartment and have a balcony that receives adequate sunlight (at least 6 hours a day) then a small container food garden of salad crops and herbs can provide you with quite a savings when added up over the long term. 

I'm not kidding – I don't share the optimism – I just see the rise of identity politics, cost of living, population, and white-collar crime, combined with low wages growth, less full-time work opportunities, roads and infrastructure promises that never eventuate, and low morale for the average Joe. 

This morning, the "Budget Sell" as the MSM call it was in full swing and going nowhere as the Labor Opposition basically opposes all the key points.

The Senate full of independents drunk on the media spotlight and the sound of their own virtuous voices are jumping at the opportunity to horse-trade away until a frail skeleton is all that will be left of the original Budget. 

And that's how it will all end up… A confusing mess with Australia sliding deeper into debt, three levels of government taxing us to pay for it, and big corporations finding ways to make us pay more for the essentials. 

A productive backyard food garden with a few chickens might be the only buffer we have when the inevitable big 'R" hits. Growing your own food does help and it has personally helped me and my family get through some very tough times in the past so don't underestimate the power of the patch! Despite the recent upbeat talk about the economy, I'm not sold that things are getting better.  

Unless, of course, our politicians start putting the country first instead of their own careers but somehow I doubt that's going to happen.             


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