Merry ENERGY POVERTY Christmas From the Government & AGL

Let me set this article up first with this. During my military service, there were many occasions when I had no choice but to withstand terrible conditions.

From the freezing cold nights standing wet and tired in a fighting pit to 50C° heat swallowing sand in the Sahara desert, I have had my share of extremes but that was the job I was trained to do. Basically, being a hardened soldier conditioned to withstand uncomfortable situations was paramount to the team's and my personal professional success with often my career and sometimes my life depending on how much one could suffer more than others. 

When I think back now, I have some fond memories of the methods we used to help cope with extreme elements out in the field and on Operations such as building makeshift water baths out of shipping containers to get relief from the heat or smoking a tactical cigarette enclosed with both hands just so the glowing ember could keep your fingers warm on a cold frosty night. Ahhh, I do digress, those weren't the good old days…      

I'm sure many people reading this (especially the older generation) would have similar or worse stories of situations in life where there was little choice except to suffer the elements because that's just the way it had to be. However, as we used to say in the Army, "why do it hard when you can do it easy?" 

With advances in technology and rises in the standard of living one could be forgiven for thinking society has improved and is much easier than it used to be with people no longer having to suffer extreme temperatures just because "it's the way it is". A push of the button and it's as cool or warm as you want it. What an amazing advancement in humanity – the ability to regulate the surrounding temperature has not only improved people's lives it has saved lives! Particularly, for the elderly whose health deteriorates quickly in extreme conditions. Up until a decade ago here in Australia, it was true that for a reasonable fee a household could run cooling or heating when needed, unfortunately, this is no longer the case.    

These days citizens are made to suffer extremes for no reason at all in their own home. The organisation or people making them suffer are the ones sworn to protect and serve them – that's right, the government. 

And it affects the vulnerable people in our society the most… Retirees both self-funded and tax-funded pensioners are being made suffer extreme temperatures and conditions inconceivably in their own homes. This unnecessary suffrage is caused by the government and other self-anointed elitists within our society via unfair, unreasonable created rules and regulations favouring one market (renewable energy) over another (fossil fuels). 

Not only that, the Main Stream Media (MSM) being the rampant leftist idealogue elitists they are, constantly take advantage of their audience (those "normies" not familiar with alternative media – yet – or simply can't afford pay TV) and preach to them climate change lies in order to line their own pockets via under-the-table double deals.      

For example, on last nights Ch9 News (Brisbane) one of the feature headline stories was "Power Prices to Dramatically Drop in 2018." In today's climate (pardon the pun/s) the price of electricity is a hot topic due to the stress people and small business are under trying to keep up with rising energy prices, therefore, news broadcasters are exploiting this subject to the maximum. 

Ch 9 Viewers had to wait until the news hour was almost over at around the 43-minute mark before the 30-second news story finally came on only to be told a wishy-washy tale that wholesale prices are "expected" to drop by a measly 6% in the next 12 months in "some areas" due to – now get this – a supposed increase of wind and solar power generation. This story is complete LIES, the free-to-air TV equivalent of internet click bait, propaganda, and absolute guesswork lazy journalism at best yet it's sold to the public as genuine breaking news. Give me a break… 

The truth is, a drop in wholesale prices doesn't necessarily mean a drop for the end-user and the closing of more coal power generators in Australia is imminent. Needless to say, electricity prices will continue to rise, plus solar or wind energy is the reason for high prices in the first place so it's difficult to believe an influx of energy from these sources will reduce the overall cost to residents. 

Next week the news headlines will be Prices Rise and then the week after Prices Set to Fall and so on it goes.     

The reason this gets me so angry is that I hate seeing poor simple people taken advantage of by the system. Those of us who are part of the informed sceptic community with the time and means to investigate can see what the media are doing by promulgating fake news and then sensationalising it. Firstly, it draws in the watch time and ratings because ordinary people are desperate to hear news about electricity prices since it's ruining their lives; and secondly, it makes the networks big money because advertisers and businesses pay them for prime time slots to push their agendas.

AGL gives the networks millions to paint them as "good guys" (when in fact, they are greedy evil) and these internet "switch electricity" companies acting like they're doing the population a favour are complete shills. Have you noticed how often in these power prices news stories the "expert" is a spokesperson for One Big Switch or a similar business – these are not news stories they are PRODUCT PLACEMENT ADS. 

In other words, the whole media system is taking advantage of poor people by giving them false hope that energy prices will fall or stabilise when what they are really doing is helping to create an environment under a false God (called Climate Change) whereby big electricity companies, politicians, and other elitists can grab more power (in the form of wealth and standing) for themselves.

And, yes, the Government is to blame… When I say "Government" I mean both the major parties (Liberal/National and Labor/Greens) because this lot are peas in a pod and it doesn't matter who's actually "in" government. They are doing nothing substantial to reduce the energy crisis playing out in everyday homes across Australia. I can tell you, I won't be voting for any major political party in any election State or Federal until this electricity crisis is resolved, which probably means never. Only a few years ago I was one of those "never vote anything but Liberal people" all my life I voted for the Coalition but now I view them and their policies with utter contempt.    

Anyway, I began this article with my own analogy of hardships I faced decades ago as a young fit soldier, so let me finish with what ordinary people have resorted to today not to train for war, not to survive in the desert, but just to try and keep their electricity bills down to a manageable size. 

On the radio a few days ago, a pensioner rang in and told the show host how she can't afford to use her air conditioner. So what does she do to stay cool? She has regular cold showers and then sits half-naked inside her sweltering hot home insecurely with the windows and doors opened for anyone to see in just to try and keep herself cool/alive. 

There is something seriously wrong with our society for an elderly person to be in this situation humiliated, unsafe, uncomfortable, and abandoned by their Government over Christmas. It's 2017 (nearly 2018) in the modern world and we have people who can't afford to run appliances in their own homes, not because of drugs, gambling addiction, alcoholism, or even poor budgeting… Nope, just because they're old and on a low income. Pensioners can't afford to keep cool in summer or warm in winter because their government has sold them out to corporate Australia – you bastards… 

Merry energy poverty Christmas! If you're a politician in a major political party reading this you should ashamed of yourself. 

P.S For any other normal people reading this, if you are interested in some facts and figures on electricity prices/climate change have a read of this in-depth article.     

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