The European honey bee has been one of the major influences of mankind.



Use poo in the garden but the plants still aren't thriving - here's why?

Here are 15 tips to help grow large tomato varieties!

Loquats ripen when fruit fly go bye bye...

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  Mark Valencia — Hi Danie, even though dragon fruit is a cactus plant and can survive dry conditions for long periods it still does like regular water (similar to most fruit trees) so in ground (once established) once a week and in pot probably 2-3 times ensuring the pot has really good drainage because the base wil......
  Danie — Mark, About how afton do you water your dragon fruit plant? Thanks Danie...
  Mark Valencia — Hi Mel, that's a good question! Yes a Dragon Fruit vine would climb or could be trained up a wire strand trellis such as the one you described; however, the best way is to position the vine at the base of a post so it can grow right up it. The reason being is the plant will get quite heavy once it......

preping garden bed with hoe

When really is the best time to grow and plant your food garden? This post explains the importance of ascertaining the "window of growing opportunity" for your own location and climate.

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  Mark Valencia — Thanks Kate! :smile:...
  Kate — Great Info Mark ...

Results speak for themselves, so go inside and read this exclusive (to Self Sufficient Me) fertiliser trial to see which fertiliser YOU should be using. 

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  Steve — Thanks Werner and Mark. Much appreciated....
  Werner Suhr — Hello Steve,a product that I use professionally in private gardens and in public display gardens is Organic Xtra. It is not the same as the one used in the trial, but if you look at the product analysis, you will see that it has more oomph than the one used in the trial. I think its made by a Queens......
  Mark Valencia — Hi Steve, thanks for you comment! I have forwarded your question onto Werner (the author of the article/test)I'm sure if he can't name the product directly he will "point you in the right direction" about what he used in his testing. The other way we can do this is by discussing the results away fro......

lemongrass down fenceline citrus trees

Lemongrass - one of the key flavourings in exotic Asian cuisine. This article, explains how to grow lemongrass, some of its other uses in the garden, and finishes with a tasty Thai inspired, lemongrass infused roasted chicken wings recipe!

pumpkin in shed window curing with vegetable garden in background

Heirloom vegetables what are they and why should we be eating and growing them? Plus, we touch on hybrid and GM vegetables vs true-to-type. ...

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  Mark Valencia — Hi Monash, thanks for commenting!...
  monash — Thanks for the great article . Monash...
finger lime tree with ripe fruit unsusal
Product lines for fresh fruit in supermarkets just don't "cut it" anymore. Where has the variety gone? Too often we have to settle for the staple more traditional fruits when other local fruiting trees are laden with exotic and tasty fruit to eat.


Cucumber vine and hanging fruit on black plastic trellis
Here's some well known champion cucumbers to try and grow in your part of the world wherever that may be.

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  Mark Valencia — Hi Helena, better still I'd love it if you joined our forum and created a discussion thread in our "Fruit & Vegetable Growing" section then simply drag your cucumber pics onto the page and I could take a look? Cheers ......
  Helena — I can a plant that came unexpected in the same pot as my alovera plant. I think it is a cucumber plant, but I have no idea what do to and what type it is. Is is already being attacked by the mosaic virus as you mention. I can sent you pictures. Thanks...
  Mark Valencia — Hi "Trade Tested" thanks for you comment and encouragement! It's great to hear others with a similar cucumber love as I and you certainly seem like you've got that passion for growing this awesome food. Cheers, Mark...

some large variety tomatoes on bench grown in subtropical climate

To be a successful tomato grower we must follow some fundamental guidelines as pests and disease love our tomato plants as much as we do and the best tip I can offer and show is how to grow them on a strong trellis - that's what this article is about. Plus, I give a few more special tomato growing tips.

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  Mark Valencia — Hi Ashley, thanks for the feedback and I'm glad you enjoy most of my articles. Reference your comment about me stating hybrids are the same as GM I'm not sure how you perceive my article to mean that? I know full well the difference between Hybrid and GMO but I wrote Hybrid and GMO together just to ......
  Ashley Bean — I have really been enjoying your articles, especially the quail ones, which was the reason I landed here. I do have a problem with this one though. Hybrids and genetically modified plants are NOT the same. The fact that you allude to them being the same is alarming, especially for someone who seems ......

Rosella plant red calyx and flower

I'm not scared to try different plants in my garden (especially edible ones) and giving rosella a go in my backyard turned out to be a great decision.

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  Mark Valencia — No probs at all Dehydration doesn't take long either... All the best ...
  cookinmom — Thanks so much bad regarding seeds & sugar. This turned out awesome! Loved it and will be making more many seasons ahead. It really is simple once you do it. Your video was very clear. I just picked the last of the season's Roselle. Did really well this yr. The were 7-8 ft tall. ......
  Mark Valencia — Hi there Cookinmom! I actually did weigh the pulp after the seeds were removed... Step 4. Also, check out this video on making rosella jam - thanks

Eden grow room with family

Ever heard of grow-rooms? I have, although, I hadn't really considered building a grow-room personally. But, when the guys from Eden Grow-Rooms contacted me to ask if I could run a story on their product (for free) I accepted because I find grow rooms interesting, and I thought the readers of Self Sufficient Me might like to read more about them also.

Home grown ripe strawberries

As we all know, strawberries are a divine and decadent fruit but they can be pricey to buy from the markets so I grow my own. Coincidently, I play tennis at my local tennis club with a strawberry farmer called Adrian and he has been kind enough to teach me a few tricks of the trade about growing the tastiest strawberries ever.

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  growing strawberries — Growing a strawberry is a good idea..Throughout the season a small patch of strawberry plants will produce a few handfulls of berries once or twice a week...It has many benefits that includes good health also if we eat it on a regular basis.....

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