The bronze orange bug starts its life green...

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  Mark — Hey Guys, what I normally do to control Bronze Orange Bug pest on my citrus trees is pick or knock them off by hand then squash them underfoot. You could also use a handheld vacuum to suck them off. If they are not in big numbers and you don't notice much damage to buds or fruit I wouldn't worry abo......

Plants can be born with abnormalities just like all living beings.

Bacterial Blight is a very common plant disease.

Be careful when digging around those roots!

Root rot can be very difficult to detect and control.

Passionfruit woodiness virus is something to watch out for on your plants.

Aphids can quickly suck the life out of a plant or a fruit tree.

Iron deficiency can make your fruit trees sick.

black plum tomato whole on tea towel

Read my full review on the Black Plum Tomato and see what makes this tomato special...

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  Mark Valencia — Hello Mesut, thank you so much for taking the time to comment! I'm sorry our comment system gave you trouble it can be a little fickle I must admit and I am always trying to improve it to make commenting easier but at least you were able to eventually get through! The black plum tomato is one of my ......
  Mesut gursoy — Great article, my previous comment could not be placed here, don't know why (I might have done a mistake).. I will start my own plantation next year and black plum tomatoes will be one of the first vegetables to try. I hope I can find seeds in my country. I'm not sure if I buy trough eBay. I've read......
  Mesut Gursoy — I love the article and will try to plant next spring (I'm a bit late for this year I beleive) we don't have the seeds in my country. I'm planning to order from eBay, hope I can get it. Thank you for the tips. Besides, I've been reading your articles and wathing the videos. Finished them all) they ar......

Citrus bud mites are a bad bug to have in the garden.

Rose scale can affect many food plants and ornamentals.

olive pest lace bug beign attacked by a spider

The backyard garden is so much more than just a one dimensional food producing mechanism. It's a jungle out there where nature makes the rules and the use of chemicals isn't one of them...

The dreaded cabbage white butterfly's offspring can destroy crops... 

This beautiful shiny little fella is a good find in your garden!


The lacewing is one of the good guys in the garden

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