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  Robbie — Awsome read Clissa must of taken ages to get all the information down very much appreciated Thank you. Will need to come back to read it a few more times takes a little while to sink it these days ?...

Getting stuck into the new growing season!

Subtropical garlic isn't easy but it definitely is worth the challenge!  

A simple hydroponic set-up might be all you need to get by in the short term.

Growing collard is my new favourite thing...

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  Paul Corbin — If you haven't as yet, try frying up some bacon and onions in a large pot with some olive oil, then when the bacon is crispy drop in the collards and fry until wilted. Add some unsalted broth (enough to cover), a little bit of hot pepper(s), salt and black pepper to taste. Simmer until tender and en......

Backyard food growing has never been more exciting or easy...

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  Mark Valencia — Hi Muz and thank you! All the best for your garden and new raised beds! ...
  Mark Valencia — Thank you ...
  Mark Valencia — Great stuff Ana! ...

Can't grow outdoors? Why not grow indoors then!

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  Mark Valencia — Thanks Dave! LOL Cheers ...
  Dave — Aw man, you are such a lovely guy! Enjoy your videos so unbelievably much!!! Thank you so much for sharing :-) such a pitty, that you're not around the corner, otherwise i would come to your garden regularly and help you getting rid of all the food you produce :-D...

Thinking of growing in containers? Then, check out this helpful info first.    

The red flesh is not just good for you it also looks STUNNING!

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  Mark Valencia — Yes, sort of I guess... But this doesn't help if you don't have an Eden type garden as it's not practical for everyone....
  Thaiga — How about back to Eden gardening. Unlimited compost right?...

Homegrown herbs & spices are easy to do - here's 7 of the easiest! 

Check out this guest post by Ann on starting a spring vegetable garden!

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