Can't grow outdoors? Why not grow indoors then!

Thinking of growing in containers? Then, check out this helpful info first.    

The red flesh is not just good for you it also looks STUNNING!

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  Mark Valencia — Yes, sort of I guess... But this doesn't help if you don't have an Eden type garden as it's not practical for everyone....
  Thaiga — How about back to Eden gardening. Unlimited compost right?...

Homegrown herbs & spices are easy to do - here's 7 of the easiest! 

Check out this guest post by Ann on starting a spring vegetable garden!

Planting avocado trees in clay soil will kill them but it can be done safely - here's how.

The 26/28 spotted ladybug pest isn't as bad as people say IMHO anyway...

What to look for when considering buying a property to grow your own organic food.

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  Berkeloid — One thing I'd add is to be wary of buying an ex-farm, as the soil can often be contaminated from decades of pesticide use. It would probably do most people no harm, but if the goal is to grow natural organic food then you probably don't want your plants soaking up pesticides that are already in the......

This article is a transcript of our popular YouTube video on growing lemons.  

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  Mark Valencia — Sometimes they will recover but you will need to fix whatever the cause of the burning off is otherwise it will eventually perish......
  Sherrie Hill — My small eureka lemon tree has been scorched (not burnt) now the leaves dried off and dropped off.. Should i leave it as is to see if it will recover?...

Our Tahitian lime tree has produced literally thousands of fruit over the past 10 years and here's why...

Not all cucumbers ripen the same as they get bigger...

Does the fruit on your lemon tree taste terrible? Read on to find out what might be wrong.

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  Mark Valencia — An animal that loves lemon rind... Sorry, I don't have a good answer for you on what is doing this but netting the tree is advised ...
  Ann — What pest or animal will peel the rind off the lemon and leave the inner fruit or flesh still on the tree, and how do I prevent this?...

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