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How to Tie a Tomato Plant to a Round Post or Stake
A demonstration of tying or training a tomato plant up a ROUND post so the knot doesn't slip down an...
My Pekin Ducks Are Afraid of Water
I have this unusual problem whereby my pekin ducks become scared of water! This video shows the ridi...
Slow Cook Boar Pulled Pork with Homemade Sauerkraut Recipe
This is how I cooked a wild boar leg given to me by a mate Rob who captured the boar as a piglet and...
Coturnix Quail Chat Sunshine Coast Radio Podcast Mooloolaba Storm 20 June 2016
This is a radio chat podcast about keeping quail with yours truly and Rob Blackmore on Sunshine Coas...
5 Tips How to Grow a Ton of Lemons on One Tree
If you would like to know how to get a massive harvest of lemons from the one tree then this is the ...
How to Plant a Fruit Tree in the Backyard with Woodchip
This video gives a complete demonstration on how I plant a fruit tree in my backyard with woodchip f...

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